Reviews for VA VA VOOM
Photos from "Not Your Grandma's Christmas" show
The VA VA VOOM Troupe singing opening number "We Need A Little Christmas".
Ali Roskam, Carroll Dodd and Harriet Walker in "Christmas Pie Baking Contest".
Carroll Dodd singing "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday".
David Owens performing Elvis in "Santa Bring My Baby Back".
James (Dezz) Desmond singing "The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen".
Greg Forbes, Show Narrator
Harriett Walker..."And the winner of the pie-baking contest? Sara Lee"
Harriet Walker and Greg Forbes performing "Baby It's Cold Outside".
Nancy Rickard performing "The Christmas Angel".
Thelma Scoville performing "Rusty Chevrolet".
Thelma Scoville and Dave Owens in the skit "The Pharmacy".
VA VA VOOM's "Follies - A Tribute to Women"
VA VA VOOM's "A Christmas to Remember"
       Christmas Show 2016
 "Just What I've Always Wanted"